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  • 30 Day Fast Track to Empowerment
  • Calling It In ~ The Grand Finale of Manifestation (Pre-requisite: 30 Day Fast Track to Empowerment)
  • 90 Days To Self-Empowerment
  • 90 Days To Outward Empowerment
  • Empowering Mindset
  • Empowering Habits
  • Empowering Behaviors
  • Empowering Responsibility
  • Empowering Self-Care
  • Empowering Solid Foundations
  • Empowering Intentions
  • Outward Empowerment:Our Energy Field: Auras & Chakras
  • Outward Empowerment: Working with Energy 
  • Outward Empowerment:Protection and Tools:Projecting & Deflecting Energy
  • Outward Empowerment:Recognizing your Inner Voice through Intuition
  • Outward Empowerment:Working With Spirit Guides
  • Introduction to Beginners Crystal Magic 101
  • House Cleansing, Blessing, & Maintenance
  • Firm Foundation ~ The Art of Keeping Yourself Running at a High Vibe
  • The Heart Series
  • Working with Your Pendlum

This 30 day series is designed to empower you to move forward in your life, utilizing your natural gifts, but seemingly may have lost sight of. The class is designed to allow you to look deep within yourself, getting clear, and becoming self-aware and empowered in ways designed to bring forth transformation in 30 days.
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In this class you are going to learn a tried and true protocol in helping you to create a powerful manifesting step that so many people forget to do! This final step in bringing it all together is designed to "Call It In" with full Trust, Belief, and Clear Intention. This class is action packed and hands on. ***Pre-requisite: 30 Day Fast Track to Empowerment***
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This 3 month course empowers the individual to focus, move forward with courage using the natural gifts given to you in this life. Please click the button below to learn more about this program!
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In our second installment of the "90 Days Series," you'll spend 3 months learning about the environment around you, and how you affect it. Your curriculum will include Chakras, Auras, Outward Healing, and Projecting & Deflecting Energy, to name a few. Click the button to learn more and find out if this course is right for you!
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Words are singularly the most powerful weapon we have as human beings. We have the choice to use these words constructively such as encouragement, empowering, embracing or we can choose to use words destructively such as words of shame, despair, disempowering. In this course you will look deep within to recognize your language and thought patterns that prevent you from moving forward.
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Release sabotaging habits as you learn to replace with healthy, high-vibrational choices. Have you ever stopped to take a hard look at things in your life that could be affecting your sense of self right down to the very core? In order to be an effective and love-based human, it is imperativ