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We offer 2 free trials with our lead instructors, Lisa & Denie. Take one...or both!

You have your choice between two Free Trial offers to get you started on the right track. Take one, or both! Each of these trials gives you the unique opportunity to experience a small sample of our focus 9 month enlightenment program, Waking Your Gifts as an Empath, Healer, and Intuitive. Each trial course is comprised of an Audio portion and a Text portion, and will be focused on introductory basics you'll need to get started. Make your choice below and get started on your path to enlightenment today!

Your Free Trial with Lisa

"As you awaken your inner-knowing, you awaken the potential of all you can be." - Lisa

Your Free Trial with Lisa will focus on "Connecting your Energies." Click the button below to begin your free trial now!
Free Trial with Lisa
Your Free Trial with Lisa

Your Free Trial with Denie

"In order to fully awaken, we must know what we are awakening from." - Denie

Your Free Trial with Denie will introduce you to "Doing the Work" and "Self-Care." Click the button below to begin your free trial now!
Free Trial with Denie
Your Free Trial with Denie

Waking Your Gifts as an Empath, Healer, & Intuitive

Seeking more? Our 9 Month Program might be just what you've been missing.

The title of our flagship program pretty much speaks for itself. After you have completed your introductory Free Trial, you will have the option to get started on your very own spiritual & soulful journey with us!

Read on to learn more about "Waking your Gifts as an Empath, Healer & Intuitive."

Here, at Vibration School Of The Awakened Minds, not only do we offer a 9 month in-depth learning course, but additional programs, classes and series. Our intention behind this school is to provide solid footing those that are ready to awaken to their souls’ purpose by raising their personal vibration and creating a solid foundation for energy work.

We believe that spiritual growth is achieved through knowledge, self-care, action, change, and energetic work. We encourage our students to work all areas to realize a full body-mind-spirit connection. Our mission is to facilitate and guide students of The Vibration School Of The Awakening Minds to learn and experience through sharing thoughts, teachings, and knowledge across many areas of spiritual, esoteric, and energetic modalities.

Lisa, Denie, and our staff of teachers bring years of experience and knowledge. We each have been taught that the journey can and should be an exciting exploration of possibilities outside of our day-to day lives. We believe in order to experience this process of unfoldment, we must move through limiting beliefs, re-program our words, thoughts, and actions, while also learning to integrate fully with others, which will truly open the doors to new possibilities and magic in our lifetime.

Our Classes

Which course is right for you? Find out by perusing our available on-line courses below.

From our short 30 Days to a High Vibe course, to our 9 month flagship enrollment, we have a specially designed spectrum of available on-line courses right at your fingertips!

Read on to check out these great classes!

  • 30 Days to a High Vibe
  • The Heart Series
  • 90 Days to Self-Empowerment
  • Working with Your Pendlum
  • Waking Your Gifts as an Empath, Healer, & Intuitive

In this 6-week course you will earn rituals to begin and end your days with intention, clarity, and insight. Click the button below to learn more about this class!
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Our fast-track method to get a jump start on your path to self-empowerment and awakening! Just about a month of work from home will complete this course. Click the button below to read more!
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The use of Pendulums is a technique which has been in existence for over 200 years. In this class you will learn to use Pendulums for Divination, sensing energy, answering questions, and even healing. Please click the button below for more details on this class!
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This 3 month course empowers the individual to focus, move forward with courage using the natural gifts given to you in this life. Please click the button below to learn more about this program!
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In our second installment of the "90 Days Series," you'll spend 3 months learning about the environment around you, and how you affect it. Your curriculum will include Chakras, Auras, Outward Healing, and Projecting & Deflecting Energy, to name a few. Click the button to learn more and find out if this course is right for you!
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Who doesn't have a fascination for Crystals? Crystals and Gemstones have been admired, sought after and used for personal well being since ancient times. They are gifted to us by Pachamama for our personal use and as beautiful tools that can help us by assisting to raise our vibrations, provide relaxation, reduce stress, calm fears, bring prosperity, and much more. we can hold them or enjoy their presence in our spaces.
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Our premier, flagship enrollment!

Separated nicely into 3 Modules of progression, "Awakening to Self," "Integrating Self with Others," and "Esoteric Awakenings." This course takes an average of 9 months to complete. For pricing and enrollment details, please click the button below to find out if this is the program for you!
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Our premier, flagship enrollment!

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