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The magical part of joining our program? You will not only learn from the ground up, but you will also have the luxury of doing so in the comfort of your very own home, any time of day or night.

Many different modalities and tools will be at your fingertips. Everyone has the gift. Through this school and our passion, you will learn how to care for, not only your own mind, body & spirit; but others as well.

"As you awaken your inner-knowing, you open the potential of all you can be." - Lisa

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Waking Your Gifts as an Empath, Healer & Intuitive

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Waking Your Gifts as an Empath, Healer & Intuitive

Here, at Vibration School Of The Awakened Minds,not only do we offer a 9 month in-depth learning course, but additional programs, classes and series. Our intention behind this school is to provide solid footing those that are ready to awaken to their souls’ purpose by raising their personal vibration and creating a solid foundation for energy work.

We believe that spiritual growth is achieved through knowledge, self-care, action, change, and energetic work. We encourage our students to work all areas to realize a full body-mind-spirit connection. Our mission is to facilitate and guide students of The Vibration School Of The Awakening Minds to learn and experience through sharing thoughts, teachings, and knowledge across many areas of spiritual, esoteric, and energetic modalities.

Lisa, Denie, and our staff of teachers bring years of experience and knowledge. We each have been taught that the journey can and should be an exciting exploration of possibilities outside of our day-to day lives. We believe in order to experience this process of unfoldment, we must move through limiting beliefs, re-program our words, thoughts, and actions, while also learning to integrate fully with others, which will truly open the doors to new possibilities and magic in our lifetime.

There has never been a better time than now to Empower your Mind, Body & Spirit by taking that first step!

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"In order to fully awaken, we must know what we are awakening from." - Denie

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